Our Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Dharma yoga Bangalore is designed to equip all the students with the Classical Yogic Wisdom which would propel them towards their Yogic Journey. Whether you want to be a Yoga Teacher, or imbibe Yogic Practices for a healthy body and mind This comprehensive 200 Hour Teacher Training course is taught by a team of spiritual gurus with many years of practice in their respective fields. After completing the course successfully you will be able to teach Ashtanga Yoga or Hatha Yoga depending on the course which you have enrolled. Certification provided by Dharma yoga at the end of the course is approved by vyasa university & Yoga Alliance.

Two hours of intensive asanas practice along with two more hours of adjustments & teaching sessions every day provides students an opportunity to enhance their understanding of asanas and teaching skills.

It is an intense experience that helps to develop a firm foundation of inner discipline. The eligibility for this course is a sincere desire to learn and discipline to attend all the classes. 6 months of recent yoga practice in ashtanga or hatha yoga is a must.

  • Able to practice and teach Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series asanas
  • Able to align and adjust all the asanas of Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series asana
  • Able to practice and teach passive and active Pranayama or Breathing Techniques.
  • Complete knowledge of all the Asanas of Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series.
  • Able to treat health issues using Asana, Pranayama.
  • Ayurveda class helps to understand their Dosha and its basic concept.
  • Understand Anatomy and Physiology of the systems of human body.
  • Improvements in concentration, flexibility, confidence, mental and physical balance.
  • As it is a practical concerned course, students will be able to practice and teach the asanas of ashtanga vinyasa yoga primary series, which are mentioned below. apart from this some advance asanas will as be taught.